7 Ways to Increase Your FEMININE Energy *life changing*

I am so excited to share these M$NEY moves with you! hahaha really, enhancing your #feminine energy can put fuel onto the fire that is your passion, career, friendships and more! Embracing the feminine AND masculine energy has changed my life for the better.. but today, we talk only about the feminine.


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Thank you to Sarah Nicole for your role in this video. You are a special friend and I am honoured to know you.

Guys, check out Sarah’s website and youtube channel for some serious heart space stuff!

Her presence has been so healing for me, and I think you will share the feeling: http://sarahnicoleoracle.com/aboutsarah

Sarah’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWTs…

Andrea, thank you for being in my video. I am happy to see your lovely face after 20 years. xoxo @akathleenbee