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HOW TO SELF CARE *life changing*


WHAT UP BUTTERCUP?!?!! I’m so excited to chat everything self care with you today. More, *so much* MORE than a “self care routine”- we will talk anxiety, depression and positive coping systems for negative self talk. I have used these theories and practices to transform my inner world and create mental-hygiene on a daily basis! I feel so emotionally strong and healthier than ever.. join me on this journey of SELF LOVE! #WOMANLY

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Time Stamps:

My Depression 0:55 WOMANLY intro 2:05 What is Self-Care? 2:44 Self-Care vs Self-Maintenance 3:14 “What I used to think” 4:20 Chapter 1: Psychological Self Care 4:55 “The Mask We Wear” 5:23 “The Fancy Store” 7:40 Common Inputs (Instagram models, imaging, books, Twitter, opinions etc.) 8:40 My Problem 10:50 The Caretaking System 11:45 Psychological Self Care Overview 16:28 Chapter 2: Future Focused 17:05 Considering the future-you 18:29 Self-Care Favorites 20:59 Chapter 3: Bath, Pot Pourri and Daily Meditation 23:25 Falling into your body 26:15 Outro 31:57

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