My Haircare Routine (I got a keratin treatment)

I had this treatment done a few months ago and I have enjoyed how it transformed my hair. There are down sides to the process and after care that I didn’t outline in the video, including my hair feeling dry and damaged on the ends the day I had the treatment done.


Since I did the treatment, I’ve had a trim and removed 1/4 inch of length and my ends are decent. My hair still falls out, like, at a normal rate.

At first it was so sleek and flat to my head which looked strange to me but was also cool, since I’m used to having a ton of volume.

The wave in my hair has kind of returned over the months but the majority of my texture is straight and frizz free.

I am hesitant to do the treatment again, because I think the second time around it could do some marked damage.

If you’re interested in doing keratin, watch vlogs on the process, research horror stories and consult with an *experienced* “keratin” stylist.

Xo! Love ya